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Welcome to Climate Shift

Welcome to the new We've been online in various forms since 2004. Most recently the domain was redirected to a directory on a sister website, The unfortunate result of this was that, over time, many of the links to climate change, global warming and climate shift news, maps, data, research, impacts, renewal, war & security, skeptics, energy, resources, extreme weather, injustice videos, and Google Earth & Maps mashups became buried. So, we decided that it is time stand on its own. We are adding a lot of new material so do check back soon.

here are some new GIS shapefiles based upon IPCC A2 Scenario data.

Climate Change - Temperature and Precipitation to 2099 GIS Shapefiles


With these you may:

  • Compare temperature changes throughout the year, month by month.
  • Compare precipitation changes throughout the year, month by month.
  • Combine the above and see where and when it's likely to snow or rain.
  • Look at temperature changes and determine when a heavy snowpack might thaw quickly and early resulting in flooding.
  • Look at temperature changes and detemine what might be the best vegetables to grow.
  • Examine temperature changes and see what affect that might have on my land - wildlife and plantlife changes over time.

These are just a few examples. To learn more, check out the climate change GIS shapefiles I have created. You don't have to be an expert GIS guru. I provide a free GIS Tutorial and Atlas. It comes with access to free GIS software and it will get you up to speed quickly so that you can make your own climate change digital maps.

Thanks for visiting!


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